Georges Braque – The art prints

"A picture is not finished until the original idea is obliterated. I never know beforehand how a picture I have started will turn out. It's an adventure every time. There is probably an initial idea, but it only serves as a starting point. As little as possible of it should survive. It is only half alive. When the picture itself comes alive the idea should disappear. The idea has as much meaning for the picture as the supporting beams have when a ship is launched.  When the ship is afloat the beams become redundant. How would it look if all that timberwork was still hanging from the ship?”" Georges Braque

At the beginning of March 2004 the Sparkasse Münsterland Ost turned over 208 works by Georges Braque to the Museum as a permanent loan. Braque maintained an intensive artistic exchange with Pablo Picasso. Between 1907 and 1914 the two artist friends jointly developed Cubism. The collection shows a representative cross-section of Braque's entire graphic oeuvre from 1926 up to 1963, the year of his death. The collection features a multiplicity of unique pieces and exclusive artist prints and is similar to the Picasso lithograph collection in its studio character. Unlike those of Picasso, however, the majority of Braque's prints are in colour. Five very rare ceramics and reliefs complete the collection.

Teapot and lemon, 1949, colour lithograph
The bird in the foliage, Bird XIV, 1952, colour lithograph