Marc Chagall Collection

At the end of April 2008 the Picasso Museum was enriched with another art collection. The Sparkasse Münsterland Ost (East Münsterland Savings Bank) presented 137 prints by the painter Marc Chagall to the museum as a permanent loan.

The collection is remarkable for its many unique works and rare state and test prints done by Chagall for the most part in the sixties and seventies in Paris. The lithographs and woodcuts were done in the Mourlot print shop in Paris where Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque also worked.

Chagall's lithographic work is considered to be among the most important in the art of the 20th century. Lithography as a graphic technique spans a period of more than 60 years in Chagall's career, during which he produced more than a thousand lithographs.