Picasso's Linocuts

Faun and goat, 1959, Linocut
Small female head crowned with flowers, 1962, Linocut
Frauenkopf mit Hut, 1962, Linolschnitt

In August 2012 the Picasso Museum was able to supplement its collection again with the help of the Sparkasse Münsterland Ost. 101 linocuts by Pablo Picasso were added to the inventory of the Museum as a permanent loan. The collection contains numerous state and test prints, of which in some cases only one or two copies are extant. They lend a specific "studio odour" to the works and allow the viewer intimate insights into the artist's way of working and thinking in pictures. Thematically, the linocuts done between 1954 and 1962 take us through a world of images that is typically Picasso, full of bullfighting scenes, depictions of classical antiquity and portraits.