Simply The Best
New acquisitions from 20 years

30 May - 6 September 2020
The exhibition brings together the museum's four great artists in an unusual way: Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse. Picasso is represented with works from the Suite Vollard and his colourful linocuts. The quiet and solemn pictorial world of the prints of his artistic comrade-in-arms Georges Braque responds to the works of the Spaniard. The beginning of the First World War marks the end of their close collaboration. As a creative duo, both had developed Cubism as the greatest revolution in the art of the still young 20th century. When Braque returns home from the war seriously wounded, he has to realize that Picasso has long since turned to other styles. Thus, from the early twenties on, the Frenchman becomes a cautious reformer and transformer of formerly Cubist design patterns. He now developed his own pictorial language, whereby he consistently varied and deconstructed pictorial themes with great consistency.

Marc Chagall's graphics, on the other hand, captivate the viewer with their mixture of the real and the dreamlike. As the artist once said, he brought his themes and motifs from his native Russia to Paris. In this melting pot of the avant-garde, he developed his very own formal language, in which fantasy and realism meet in a very peculiar way. The fourth in the group is Matisse, whose works of the 20s and 30s betray the somnambulistic certainty of a great draughtsman. The great Frenchman purifies and purifies the compositions until he captures the essence of things in his drawings. The exhibition brings together the museum's most important and most beautiful works and provides a retrospective of the museum's twenty-year acquisition history.