A Feast for the Eyes – A Private Collection

2nd February – 28th April 2019

In this exhibition the Picasso-Museum is showing the private collection of a Westphalian collector. The show has been conceived as a cultural and artistic cross-over presentation with art works from various epochs and regions. The selection of works ranges from European artists of classical modernity such as Le Corbusier, Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso to African Art from Mali, Cameroon and Gabon, whose geometric stylisation actually inspired the cubists of the 20th century.

High-quality Khmer sculptures of the 12th century have been placed simultaneously in dialogue with works by Mark Tobey, who, as a proponent of Abstract Expressionism in America, was greatly influenced by far-eastern philosophy.

Another emphasis is that of contemporary artists living in Germany such as Tony Cragg, Carsten Gliese, Christoph Worringer and Milo Köpp. But kinetic artist Günter Haese who died in 2016 is also represented, he, alongside Max Beckmann, Josef Albers and Mies van der Rohe belonged to a small band of German artists to whom the Museum of Modern Art in New York dedicated a solo exhibition in New York in the post war years.

The choice of works also reflects the life of the collector for and with art. This led him from Angkor Wat and Bamak through New York and Paris and back to Münster. For the exhibition visitor the combination develops out of the known and the newly to be discovered, a sensuous feast for the eyes. 




Mark Tobey, Nightlife, 1958, Privatsammlung © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019
Hari-Hara Kopf, Prä-Angkor Periode, 7. Jhd., Privatsammlung
Carsten Gliese, Flur, 2009, Privatsammlung © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019